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Best fault code readers tested for 2024

Best fault code readers tested for 2024

Choosing the right code reader is essential for efficient and accurate vehicle diagnostics. Both professional mechanics and vehicle mechanics should invest in a high-quality code reader to ensure the most accurate results. If you’re looking for the optimal truck diagnostic tool, or the best car diagnostic tool UK, then what brands and models should you consider? Whether you drive a Volvo, Scania or anything in between this article will be useful

What code readers do mechanics use?

Professional mechanics need to ensure they have the best car diagnostic tool UK at their fingertips. These will incorporate comprehensive features beyond basic code readings. Some of the most trusted brands among UK mechanics include:

  • Autel MaxiSys MS906BT

This is a professional diagnostic tool that provides extensive vehicle coverage. It incorporates advanced diagnostics and wireless connectivity. It’s a firm favourite with professional mechanics and supports bi-directional control and active tests.

  • Snap-on SOLUS Edge

The SOLUS Edge is known for its reliability and depth of data. It has an intuitive interface and provides fast, detailed diagnostics. It covers a wide range of vehicle models.

  • Bosch ADS 625

This high-end scanner provides comprehensive diagnostics and repair solutions. It features a large touchscreen that offers detailed live data as well as advanced testing capabilities. It is continuously updated to ensure that it covers new vehicles and systems.

What is the best car fault code reader?

When it comes to code readers, it’s important to consider factors such as functionality, ease of use, and affordability. Some popular choices for both small garages and experienced home mechanics include:

Autel AutoLink AL519

This affordable car fault code reader is easy to use and provides detailed diagnostic information. It includes the ability to read and clear codes, view live data, and perform basic testing.

BlueDrive Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

This Bluetooth-enabled tool works with a smartphone app to deliver detailed diagnostics. It’s a good choice for home mechanics and provides enhanced diagnostics for specific brands, as well as features such as smog checks and repair reports.

Launch Creader 3001

This is a compact and user-friendly option that’s perfect for beginners. It provides basic functions such as reading and clearing codes. It also displays live data and is a great tool for quick, easy-to-understand diagnostics.

What is the best OBD2 scanner that does everything?

Some of the best options for anyone seeking an OBD2 scanner that combines comprehensive diagnostic with additional features include:

Autel MaxiCOM MK808

This is a mid-range scanner with a wide array of functions. It includes full-system diagnostics, service functions, and features such as EPB maintenance and oil reset.

Innova 3160g

The INNOVA 3160g supports a range of diagnostic functions across multiple systems, including SRS and ABS.  It includes battery and alternator testing, as well as live data.

Foxwell NT3101

This comprehensive OBD2 scanner has extensive functionality. It reads and clears codes, displays live and freeze frame data, and it also performs readiness tests. It is a robust and reliable tool for thorough diagnostics.

What is the difference between an OBD2 reader and an OBD2 scanner?

There are distinct differences between an OBD2 reader and an OBD2 scanner:

OBD2 reader

This typically refers to basic devices used to read and clear diagnostic codes. They provide straightforward functionality and are ideal for quick checks and minor troubleshooting.

OBD2 scanner

These have more advanced functionality than readers. They not only read and clear codes, but also provide live data, support bi-directional control, and perform system tests. They may include advanced features such as ABS and SRS diagnostics, service resters, and vehicle health reports.

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