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Can you paint wheel hubs?

Can you paint wheel hubs?

If you’re looking to customise your vehicle or perhaps ensure your fleet reflects your company branding and colours, you may have considered painting the wheel hubs. As well as painting wheel hubs for branding and aesthetic reasons, it can provide extra protection from the elements. Painting HGV wheel hubs can help to extend the life of the wheel hubs by preventing the buildup of grime, dirt, and other types of debris that can accumulate over time.

However, if you’re considering painting wheel hubs it’s important to properly prepare and only use high-quality wheel hub paint.

How to paint a wheel hub

There are some important considerations to keep in mind when painting wheel hubs to ensure that the finish is durable and long-lasting.

Proper preparation is key to achieving a high-quality, long-lasting finish. Start by cleaning the wheel hubs thoroughly with a degreaser or a strong soap solution to remove any dirt, grime, or oil. Rinse the wheel hubs well and let them dry completely.

Once they’ve dried you can then sand the surface of the wheel hubs. This is an essential step to ensure that the paint adheres properly. You should use fine-grit sandpaper then lightly sand the surface of the wheel hubs. You should aim to create a slightly roughened surface that will help the paint bond to the metal.

A primer should be applied. This not only helps the paint adhere better to the wheel hubs, it also provides an additional layer of protection. You should only use a high-quality, metal-specific primer that’s compatible with the type of paint you plan to use. Apply the primer according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure to let it dry completely before applying the wheel hub paint. There are various types of paints available, including spray paints and brush-on paints.

You may also wish to protect a clear coat to help protect the finish and give your wheel hub a glossy polished appearance. After both the final coat of paint and the clear coat have been applied, it’s then essential to allow the wheel hubs to cure properly. This means allowing them to dry and harden for a number of days before driving on them. This will ensure the finish is strong, durable and protects the wheel hub.

It’s also a good idea to inspect the paint regularly and touch up any areas that have become scratched or damaged to ensure that the finish remains in good condition.

Expert advice from CV Hubs & Bearings

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