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How to identify Volvo Truck electrical problems

How to identify Volvo Truck electrical problems

Volvo Trucks has built up a solid and consistent reputation for its reliability and commitment to engineering excellence. As with other makes of truck, Volvo Trucks can be susceptible to issues developing over time. This is particularly true for trucks that have a heavy workload. Volvo Truck electrical problems can and do develop, ranging from minor faults that are quickly rectified to more significant issues. It’s essential that drivers and fleet owners can identify Volvo Truck electrical problems early on to reduce the risk of problems on the road, or of minor issues developing into more significant failures.

What are common problems with Volvo Trucks?

Commercial trucks have to cope with a heavy workload often in challenging conditions. Over time, this can lead to issues developing. Some of the most common Volvo Truck electrical problems include:

Dying Battery

Truck batteries may weaken due to a range of issues, including weather conditions, corroded connections, or frequent electric drains.

Battery Draining

Frequent battery drains can be caused by keeping truck accessories on when not required, faulty electrical connections, or dead batteries.

Battery Light Flashing

If a Volvo Truck battery light is flashing it might indicate charging issues or a failing alternator.

Bluetooth Issues

If a Volvo Truck’s Bluetooth isn’t working, check settings, device compatibility, and software updates.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Issues

The ECU is essential for good engine performance. If you notice power loss, erratic behaviour, or warning lights related to the ECI, consult a qualified truck mechanic.

Electrical Power Supply Issues

Faulty alternators, damaged wiring or loose connections can all disrupt power delivery.

Light Control Module Problems

Issues with headlights, taillights, internal lights, or other lighting functions are one of the most common Volvo Truck electrical problems.

Headlight & Turn Signal Problems

Faulty switches or relays can cause headlights to stay on. Failing bulbs or faulty wiring can cause low-beam headlights to dim or malfunction.

Where is the fuse box on a Volvo FH truck?

The fuse box on the Volvo FH truck is relatively simple to locate.  The main fuses can be found in the main fuse box inside the battery box on the chassis.

What is the fault code P113713 on a Volvo truck?

The fault code P113713 on a Volvo truck indicates the EMS Oil Thermostat.  This controls the engine oil temperature by determining whether the oil should be sent through the oil cooler or not. The thermostat is located in the oil filter housing.

For specific troubleshooting and repairs, it is generally recommended to consult a qualified truck mechanic.

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