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Are wheel covers and hubcaps the same thing?

Are wheel covers and hubcaps the same thing?

The terms wheel covers and hubcaps are often used interchangeably. Both play a part in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the vehicle, but they are not strictly the same. There are some key differences between wheel covers and hubcaps.

Are wheel covers and hubcaps on a large commercial vehicle the same thing?

A wheel hub cover and hubcap are not necessarily the same thing. This is particularly the case when considering large commercial vehicles.  While both have aesthetic and practical functions for vehicle wheels, there are differences between the levels of coverage and protection that they provide.

Hubcaps are designed to safeguard the centre area of the wheel. This includes the centre cap but also extends to cover a larger proportion of the surface of the wheel. They provide protection for components located in the central hub region of the wheel, including lug nuts. They shield these components from dirt, dust and moisture, preventing corrosion and the premature failure of crucial wheel components

A wheel hub cover differs in that it provides more comprehensive coverage reaching across more of the wheel. This provides protection for the entire wheel surface, acting as a defensive barrier and guarding the wheel against external factors. A wheel cover should help to preserve the original condition of the wheel for a longer period.

What are the differences?

A hubcap and wheel cover have broadly similar functions, but there are some differences. Hubcaps are designed to cover the central portion of the wheel where the hub is located. They conceal wheel components, such as lug nuts and bearings and protect them from dirt and moisture.

A wheel cover is designed to cover the entire wheel, including the outer rim. It also provides protection against debris and dirt while providing some protection against minor damage to the wheel.

What does a hubcap do?

A hubcap protects the wheel’s hub and surrounding components from dirt, dust and moisture, reducing the risk of corrosion and premature wear. They act as a barrier, preventing objects from entering the wheel assembly and causing damage to the brakes or suspension components. They also reduce wind resistance, improving vehicle aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

What does a wheel cover do?

Wheel covers provide protection to the wider wheel against scratches and other minor damage. They act as a barrier, protecting the wheel clean reducing the impact of dirt and debris and helping to keep the wheel clean.

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