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Reconditioned Wheel Hubs

If a wheel hub bearing unit begins to degrade, it can result in annoying wheel vibration and noise. In some circumstances, it might lead to a malfunction in the anti-lock brake system or even a wheel that breaks free while the vehicle is in motion. While it’s unusual for wheel bearings to fail immediately and completely after you’re first aware that there’s a problem, it’s best to avoid driving with a worn wheel bearing for any length of time. Wheel bearings are essential for connecting your wheels to your vehicle, and any weakness could have severe consequences for your drive-axle and steering assembly. It can also have safety implications both for yourself and other road users.

If you have to replace a number of wheel hubs the costs can soon mount. Are there any cheaper options available?

Save money by reconditioning wheel hubs

An alternative to replacing wheel hubs is to have them reconditioned. This repairs damage, replaces any parts that have reached the end of their service life and ultimately returns the wheel hub to a good as new state ready to be fitted to the wheel.

If you have a fleet of vehicles then the savings over time can be significant. Don’t pay for new wheel hubs when the existing ones can be reconditioned to an ‘as-new’ standard.

Are reconditioned wheel hubs safe?

A carefully reconditioned wheel hub will be as safe and reliable as a new one. At the same time it will help extend the working life of your parts, reducing your environmental impact at the same time as driving down your costs.

To test the products CV Hubs & Bearings supplies to the transport industry, its hubs along with hubs of various other makes including the original manufacturer’s hubs were sent to an accredited metallurgist testing center to be analysed for quality and strength. The study revealed a 100% pass rate among CV Hubs & Bearings own hubs, which came as no surprise to our team, as we never compromise on safety and quality, whatever the market pressures to do so. We will always put product safety ahead of profit.

You can find out more about how our hubs and how those of our competitors stood up to industry testing here.

Can all wheel hubs be reconditioned?

At CV Hubs & Bearings, we provide reconditioned hubs on an exchange basis from our purpose-built workshop. Unfortunately, our technicians encounter inadequate and poor quality aftermarket hubs that are in such a poor condition that they are, in effect, impossible to reclaim and recondition. When that happens we will work with you to find a solution that’s safe, effective, affordable and of the highest quality.

The UK’s leading wheel hub reconditioning service

At CV Hubs & Bearings, we are the UK’s leading experts in wheel hub reconditioning. With support from OEM suppliers, our dedicated team of technicians can recondition your HGV wheel hubs to the most exacting standards. We understand how important it is to have your fleet on the road, so we work in a timely manner without ever compromising on safety or quality.

Committed to delivering the highest standards to the commercial vehicle industry, we provide our services to both the trade and fleets.

We pride ourselves on having our new products independently tested and certified to ensure they are comparable with parts from the original manufacturer. All of our hubs are fully guaranteed and are fitted with FAG bearings, as standard.

Contact us to find out more about our full range of industry-leading services.

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